Simbrofo Ghana 20MW Solar Farm - Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd - The SPV company, Registered in ACCRA Ghana for the 20MW Solar Farm at Simbrofo in the Central Region of Ghana. The project Holding company is a UK company - Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd.


MMW Energy Ltd have also been assisting in this project development, Solar Mini Grids and waste management.

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We are supporting the President's Vision

Ghana is embarking upon sound programmes going forward - Renewable Energy, Waste Management & One Factory-One District

President's Vision -

Each project must be in line with the President's Local Content & Local participation where 50% of products must be from Manufacturers in Ghana.

Simbrofo Solar Farm

Ghana was looked at in 2016 and the Simbrofo project commenced being developed. Since 2012 we focused on Africa, specifically Kenya first with a 10MW Solar Farm proposal at Konsa and proposals made for Nakuru, Neydia, and recently partnering with the FEP Group for two 10MW proposals in Mombasa.

The Old Government had issued many PPA's and all these had to be checked by the new Government and new schedules entered into to issue PPA's going forward. We are working very closely with the President on Renewables & Waste Management in Ghana and it is hoped that the Simbrofo Solar Farm PPA will be issued shortly late 2019

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UK Parent company details -

Our UK parent company is PSECC Ltd - Holding company for Simbrofo project is Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd. Since 1995 they embarked upon Climate Change Mitigation - Energy POLICY & STRATEGY, Renewable Energy development & Waste Management.