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Our Approach

Alpin Sun GmBH is the EPC - Engineering, Construction & procurement company for the Simbrofo Solar Farm project. Funding provision also possible for this exciting project.


The EPC company will deliver the project within the estimated $1.1 million per MW installed.




Alpin is a large solar developer with over 10+ years of experience. We originate, design and permit sustainable and cost effective solar projects for public and private utilities and large corporates entities. We adapt our offer to our customers needs and to the ever changing investment environment .

Meet the Team

MMW Energy Ltd was facilitated by Alan Brewer's team in the UK at PSECC Ltd and guided by Williams Amoah in Ghana.

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Alan Brewer MSc

Founder of Simbrofo project & MD

Director of Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd UK Ltd the project Holding company for Simbrofo project.

Development, Technical & financial aspects are his strong points.

Since 1995 Energy Policy & Strategy experience under Agenda 21 programme. Alan is a BREEAM Global Assessor and Developer of Renewable Energy projects & Waste management

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Williams Amoah

Co-Founder of MMW Energy Ltd

Very experienced Government matters and Director of MMW SPV


Project development is a stronge point of his work.



Team 1

Aaron Armah

CEO of Ghanergize Power Ltd

Aaron has been assiting us with the re-issue of the Licence and PPA for our Simbrofo Solar Farm.  In Ghana, Aaron has worked on several projects, including construction, aviation and natural resources.  He has diverse connections in Ghana and has worked along different party lines to deliver various projects in the last ten years.



Michael Mikado


Consultants to the Simbrofo Solar Farm project based in ACCRA

Michael brought the first Ghana Solar Farm to a build stage in 2015 - all Pre-Build Technicals - EIA, Grid Connection study, Hydrological & Topographical studies etc.




Our Finance Consultant

Links to all major Financial project funding partners



Other Ghanaian and Kenyan personnel


Edith Samuel

Project Administration & Office Manager

Edith from Kenya was responsible also for arranging projects with David Tamakloe and Victor NooNoo Directors of SPV company in Ghana - Simbrofo Light Ghana Ltd. Victor arranged the Land Lease Agreement with the Royal Family Chiefs at Simbrofo.

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Steve Filary HNC

Co-Founder of Project and initial funder.

Very experienced Electronics Engineer over ten years. Good experience in Project delivery in Africa.


Initial funding provision of $40,000 to commence project delivery at Simbrofo.


David Tomakloe

Director of Ghana SPV company

Ghanaian Businessman - project development are his strenghts and project facilitation - bringing in Ghana partners.


Arranged negotiations with Landowner Chiefs.

Details of Alpin Sun GmBH Solar Farm Development work

Details of PSECC Ltd's Solar Farm Development work